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Our knit material guide

Let's talk about the knit material we use in our 'Debut' collection.


When we are designing the collection, we look for material that enables a seamless transition from indoor air conditioning to spring-summer outdoor seasons — we look for soft, lightweight, and breathable knit material that are perfect to wear alone and layer up on breezier days.

hello ronron | Material guide for Debut collection


Cotton + Viscose

A fluid drape and ultra soft volume as seen on our Sylvie dress and Sylvie skirt — Viscose, also called rayon, is made out of plant cellulose. We choose this cotton and viscose blend for the smoothness, breathability, and luxe flowy texture.

Did you know?

Viscose tends to shrink temporarily and is vulnerable to twisting when it's wet, but it will return to its original shape when dried flat. Remember to not hang dry it while it's still damp, it will damage the fibre and cause it to deform.

hello ronron | Sylvie Skirt Very Peri | Button-embellished ribbed knit midi skirt



Mouliné + Viscose

Our mouliné knit combines 2~3 yarn colours into 1 — making every knit piece's pattern unique. We use viscose as the main material to create this mouliné knit — viscose drapes nicely and feels light on the skin, giving the fabric a luminous touch we appreciate so much.

Did you know?

Mouliné yarns are created by twisting either different colours or different types of fibres — creating a freestyle and dynamic pattern. Their patterns remind us of the morning and sunset clouds too — hence we named the colours of our Hera skirt and Mila dress after 'Cloud' and 'Evening'.

hello ronron | Hera Skirt Evening | Mouliné ribbed knit midi skirt



Wool Blend

An earthy and lightweight soft touch — we use this blend of wool and premium synthetic fibres to strengthen the material for everyday wear, good for machine wash, and contain a better resistance against accumulating fur ball as seen on our Lynn top, Rosa top, and Agnes top.

Did you know?

The same material is used by one of the airlines for airline cabin crew's cardigan — soft on the skin, good stretch, comfortable for an all-day wear, and wrinkle-free.

hello ronron | Lynn Top Latte | Square neck ribbed knit top



Cotton + Acrylic

In this cotton + acrylic blend, the cotton content contributes to comfort and breathability, whereas the acrylic blend contributes to softness and durability. This material has more structure and thickness, creating a voluminous texture for our Angelique dress and Camille dress.

Did you know?

With the added elastane, this material is ultra stretchy and will sturdily spring back to shape. This material is also easy to care for and does not shrink after machine wash.

hello ronron | Angelique Dress Taupe | V-neck braided cable knit midi dress

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