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Our knit style guide

Let's talk about the knit styles from our 'Debut' collection.


At hello ronron, we focus on bettering capsule collections that are feminine, timeless, and easy to style with your wardrobe. Our signature product is knitwear — designed and made for summery weather.



Ribbed Knit

Rib is a knitted fabric with alternating raised and lowered rows. It has more stretch than plain knits. Rib knits tend to fit the body and are used in our designs for an elongating and slimming design. You can find them often used at areas at the cuffs, sleeves, bodice, and necklines.

hello ronron | Sylvie Dress Cream | Button-embellished off-shoulder ribbed knit midi dress



Cable Knit

A knit pattern that creates the appearance of a braid, with two or more loops wrapped over and under one another. We apply cable knits at areas where we opt for a more volumized effect. This design is often found at the centre front bodice.

hello ronron | Angelique Dress | V-neck braided cable knit midi dress



Mouliné Knit

Mouliné is a knitting technique created by twisting together either different colours or different types of yarns & fibres.

We like to use monochrome colours when it comes to mouliné knit, blending the palette for a modern and harmonized look for everyday wear.

hello ronron | Mila Dress | Mouliné ribbed knit pleated mini dress



Knit Fashioning Marks

A fully fashioned knit construction means your knitwear fits you better with flat, smooth seams and less bulk. Plus, it reduces material waste in the production process.

This refined detail can be found at areas where the seams are joining. We apply this technique to our armholes, shoulders, and sleeves for better fit.

hello ronron | Camille Dress | Off-shoulder ribbed knit mini dress


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