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Our Commitments

Learn more about how we challenge and improve our ways of working everyday.

We believe in

Feel well and well dressed.

At hello ronron, it is our belief to create a versatile capsule wardrobe, setting you free from relentlessly following trends. Our timeless pieces will look good on you now, next year, and in a few years’ time.

hello ronron Malaysia womenswear knitwear brand behind the scenes Sylvie Skirt ribbed knit midi skirt with mother of pearl buttons

Modern classics designed for longevity

Our harmonizing colours, minimalistic, and functional designs enable you to mix and match freely and minimize the amount of clothing you buy. Our use of quality materials and garment constructions ensure the pieces will stay with you for a good while.

hello ronron | Genuine Japanese seashell buttons

A seasonless and slow fashion model

Rather than following seasonal trends, we strive to maximize our customer’s comfort by creating the best wear we possibly can — products that can stand the test of time and have the versatility to stay with you for the many years to come.

hello ronron | Malaysia knitwear design brand studio

Limited quantity production

We produce our collections by small batch with our knit specialist manufacturing partner in Shanghai.

We are committed to producing fully custom-designed products from scratch in limited quantity. It is our belief to to not over consume, yet consume only when you necessarily need it, and treasure it for as long as possible.

hello ronron | Hera Skirt Cloud | Mouliné ribbed knit midi skirt

Zero-waste knitwear production

Our knitwear are created by a Fully Fashioned Knit process to improve garment fit and reduce textile waste.

Each garment part (sleeves, bodice, skirt panels..etc) are knitted in the right shape directly with the knitting machine. Then, trimmings and pockets are knitted sewn together with the rest of the knitted pieces to complete the garment.

We only use what we need for each item. The Fully Fashioned Knit process is used more frequently by luxury and sustainable brands. It is different from the traditional Cut-and-Sew method, which you lay the pattern pieces down on the fabric and cut them out, resulting in fabric scraps that, if not repurposed, would have ended up in landfills.

hello ronron | Spring Summer 2022 | Behind the Scenes: The Debut Collection

Responsibly sourced trims

We use genuine shell buttons from Japan. These shell buttons are also called "Mother of Pearl" buttons, made from oysters and mussels that contain nacre, the mineral substance that forms pearls.

All of our garment labels are made with recycled polyester and finished with ultrasonic cutting to ensure smooth edges to the touch.

hello ronron |  100% recyclable garment tag

Conscious packaging

We package our products with 100% recyclable material like hangtags made with cotton string, LDPE recycled garment bag and kraft mailer boxes.

Each garment piece leaves our factory securely sealed in a LDPE recycled garment bag, travels to our warehouse by sea shipment, and finally arrives in your hands — all in this one LDPE bag, no other single-use plastic is involved.

Every step toward

Growing a sustainable and conscious fashion brand.

At hello ronron, we challenge and improve our ways of working everyday. As we continue to grow our steps, we are introducing even more natural fiber content to our products, and shifting from recyclable packaging to biodegradable packaging in the future.

Mindful Design

Every hello ronron style is designed in-house, pattern cut and fitted based on the measurements of everyday Asian women's proportions and figures.

Responsible Production

We produce products in small quantities with our audited, long-term manufacturing partner, and ensuring fair wages, safe working environments are provided for garment factory team.

Zero Waste Knitwear

We use the Fully Fashioned knitwear production method to produce our knitwear products for better fit and minimized textile waste.

Conscious Packaging

Our packaging are 100% recyclable and reusable. We use FSC certified paper, cotton paper, and recycled paper for marketing collaterals.

hello ronron | Behind the Scenes Design Sketches

Behind the Scenes

Learn more about the making of each collection, from concept to production.