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How to care for Viscose knits?

hello ronron | How to care for Viscose knit?

About Viscose

What are viscose?

Viscose, also called rayon, is made out of plant cellulose and has properties similar to silk and cotton.

The texture

It is a delicate material that gives a soft fluid fall and in which the knits drape on the body very well. Light, it fits perfectly to the design of hello ronron knits and gives them that luminous touch we appreciate so much.



Care Guide

1. Hand washing in cold water is preferred.

But if you choose the washing machine, we recommend using a laundry bag, and use a gentle, cold cycle.

2. Viscose knits can be air-dried lying flat on surfaces.

3. Knits made from viscose may tend to shrink temporarily when washed.

Don't worry, it will return to its original size, just air dry it and avoid twisting the shape while it's damp.

hello ronron | How to care for Viscose knit?

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