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Our Story

and the beginning of our journey.

hello ronron beginnings

I grew up playing mix and match in my mother's wardrobe, creating outfits from preloved clothing gathered from my siblings. Sharing wasn't merely a habit; it was woven into the very fabric of my being.

My journey began amidst Taiwan's humid climate, then took me through Canada and the UK during my teenage years to early 20s, followed by a period in Malaysia before reaching my 30s.

Each move brought a blend of emotions — saying goodbye to loved ones at the airport, the thrill tinged with uncertainty upon landing in a new place, and the exhilaration of forging connections in unfamiliar cities.

Throughout, my lifelong dream remained steadfast: to create clothing that not only encapsulates cherished memories but also accompanies us on our adventures.

From the studio, behind the scenes.

First sketches by hand drawing

Refining the silhouettes.

Several sampling for the right fit and cut

"It's not about the dress you wear, but about the life you lead in the dress." — Diana Vreeland

I envisioned designs fueled by dedication and hard work, brought to life by the women who wear them, leading their lives.

Thus, I began crafting versatile knitwear tailored to the needs of frequent travellers like myself — garments resilient enough for layering in colder climates yet comfortable enough for solo wear in tropical settings, with ample stretch for on-the-go mobility.

It was essential to curate a wardrobe of enduring quality, enriched with personal touches through DIY elements, resonating with individual style.

The outcome? A focus on zero-waste knitwear inspired by my East and Southeast Asian heritage attire, such as the Cheongsam and Kebaya, infused with craftsmanship and authenticity — styles seamlessly melding with the wearer's identity.

Textiles, knitting techniques, trimmings...

All the important details that build up each design piece

A collection is finally coming together.

The joy of seeing them realized, styled, lived

With hello ronron, I embarked on a journey from the ground up, drawing from my years at London's Central Saint Martins and experiences as a fashion and textile designer, now as an entrepreneur.

This venture is a tribute to our past, a bridge to our future. hello ronron encapsulates the essence of embracing oneself and all that is held dear — to live, to laugh, to learn, to love.

Thank you for being a part of this very special journey with us.

Wishing you all the best,

Angela, Founder of hello ronron

From our Founder

When I started hello ronron, I wanted to create beautifully-made knitwear designed with women's day-to-day routine in mind, so every piece can complement existing outfits seamlessly.

Rather than following seasonal trends, I aim to continuously perfect a solid base of quality and responsibly-made capsule collection. Create clothing to be loved and to be lived in for the everyday women - our friends, sisters, mothers and daughters, has always been the greatest joy in my career.

With love,

Angela & hello ronron

Minimalistic feminine chic & soft knits

An anthology curated to celebrate You.

We started hello ronron with the idea of creating the wardrobe of our dreams — the feminine silhouette, the freedom of uncompromised comfort, the spontaneous curve-hugging fit with elegance and allure, and the seamless style transition carrying from occasions to vacations.

Our Journey

hello ronron Malaysia designer knitwear studio

Malaysia - Singapore - Taiwan - Hong Kong


hello ronron was founded in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — a melting pot of cultures closely intertwined. From here, we've been truly blessed to grow hello ronron, spreading joy to incredible customers across Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

We create the designs in-house and produce our products by small batch with our knit specialist factory. We take great care with every detail — from concept, design, sampling, material sourcing, garment production, packaging design, campaign photoshoot, content creations — we are passionate and devoted in what we do, and we will always strive to do better.


A focus on Asian fit

Every Step

We set out to make knitwear designs that highlight and flatter East and Southeast Asian women's figures - designs that elongate the silhouette and accent the body proportions while staying true to our belief - the clothes should always fit comfortably and feel like a second skin.

In a way, that’s how hello ronron came to be - we analyze the cut and sizing tailored to Asian women's physiques, and draw inspiration from the past and present heritage classics like Cheongsam, Kebaya, and Áo dài.

hello ronron | Behind the Scenes Design Sketches

Designed with purpose, crafted with care

Our Commitments

When we started hello ronron, we want to make clothing designed with your real day-to-day routine in mind so every piece can complement your existing outfits seamlessly.

Rather than following seasonal trends, we desire to perfect a solid base of quality and responsibly-made wardrobe essentials, helping you build a timeless capsule collection.

We want to ensure that by wearing hello ronron, you look good, feel great, and always move with amazing ease.


"Cherishing every detail. Clothing that are made to love and to last."

hello ronron | Behind the Scenes Moodboard
hello ronron | Behind the Scenes Moodboard

A Focus on Style, Not Trend

Each collection begins with ideation, research, design developments. It's all about the styles so natural they feel like part of you. The pieces you’ll live in and let live.

hello ronron | The Debut collection | Behind the scenes
hello ronron | The Debut collection | Behind the scenes

Our Handpicked Material

From yarns, fabrics, trimmings (buttons, zippers), to garment labels — we source every single detail with great care. The key to creating garments that look and feel right from day one to forever.

hello ronron | The Debut collection | Behind the scenes
hello ronron | The Debut collection | Behind the scenes

A Focus on Fit

We refine every proportion, fit, and that just right silhouette for Asian physiques, to create essentials you’ll reach for again and again.

Dedicated Craftsmanship

It's hand-drawn sketches, studied and perfected necklines, the art of button placement. It's our design studio considering and reconsidering each detail. If it isn't just right, it isn't here.

hello ronron sustainable packaging
hello ronron sustainable packaging

Packaging with Care

Designed with the well-being of our people and planet in mind, we use packaging that offer reusability, are 100% recyclable.

From day one to forever

Feel comfortable and fit beautifully.

It is our desire to create the clothing you'll love, that have the ability to be worn anywhere, travel with you, and have you covered for a variety of occasions.

hello ronron Malaysia womenswear knitwear brand behind the scenes Sylvie Skirt ribbed knit midi skirt with mother of pearl buttons
hello ronron sustainable packaging