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We got some hello ronron dresses and they completely exceeded our expectations! — Tally Press

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Girls being girls, we were excited at the prospect of trying on new clothes when we first spoke to hello ronron. We knew that we were going to be producing a review, but none of us were expecting to genuinely fall in love with the clothes from hello ronron. I mean, we showed up to a team dinner/meeting wearing their clothes, and all we could talk about was how comfy the clothes were, noting the little details on each other’s clothes, and saying, “It’s really nice,” whether referring to our own outfit or each other’s. Luckily for us, talking about clothes, specifically those from hello ronron, counts as work in this case! So let us introduce you to the dresses we got from hello ronron, and how they completely exceeded our expectations!

 — Tally Press

In Tally Press's product review, you can find our dresses in action:

  1. Angelique Dress Taupe
  2. Angelique Dress Black
  3. Sylvie Dress Black
  4. Sylvie Dress Cream
  5. Mila Dress Evening


Read the full article here:
We Got Some hello ronron Dresses and They Completely Exceeded Our Expectations! — Tally Press

 Tally Press | Creating A Lookbook With These 5 hello ronron Items!


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